Silk Route

Silk Route

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Silk Route is a unisex blend that was introduced in 2016. At the opening of the blend, spicy notes of clove, ginger and star anise give the fragrance a bold, bracing quality while bergamot complements the spicy notes. The heart notes of lavender, narcissus, tuberose and immortelle ensure that the warm notes do not overtake the blend and add a sweet, soft quality to the fragrance. Tonka bean, leather, benzoin, oakmoss and incense intensify the bold, balsamic notes in the scent. This rich, warm blend is long-lasting, making it the perfect choice for nighttime wear.



Top Notes:
Clove, Ginger, Star Anise, bergamot
Heart Notes:
Lavender, Narcissus, Tuberose, Immortelle
Base Notes:
Tonka Bean, Leather, Bonzoin, Oakmoss, Incense

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