Oud Wa Ward (Free Worldwide Delivery)


Oud Wa Ward (Free Worldwide Delivery)

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Oud Wa Ward is an aromatic woody fragrance, composed of a trio of ingredients. Simple in structure and complex in effect, the fragrance features oud, patchouli and Turkish red rose. The equally heady notes blend together to produce a mesmerizing, sensuous perfume that captivates and inspires the wearer and her friends and admirers. The signature oud note contributes its woody and balsamic accords to the elixir. The musky earthiness of patchouli energizes the fragrance while the sumptuously sweet rose note allows it to linger with the warmth of the wearer's skin. The result is a luxurious, long-lasting fragrance with a moderate sillage that is especially well-suited to wear in the fall and winter months.


Oud, Pathouli, Turkish Rose