Oud Wa Misk

Oud Wa Misk

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Step into another world of foreign lands and exotic mystery when you splash on Oud Wa Misk, a seductive fragrance. This tantalizing cologne boasts aromatic, earthy and smoky accords for a rich scent that's powerful in its simplicity. Notes of heady, herbal patchouli and sensual agarwood, or oud, creates a magical aroma right from the start, awakening the senses and entrancing the mind. Meanwhile, additions of potent incense and animalic musk lend a primal, earthy tone that's impossible to ignore. Overall, this bold and empowering concoction is sure to make a statement, making it the perfect accessory for professional or formal wear on special occasions.


Patchouli, Oud, Incense, Musk

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