Oud After Dark

Oud After Dark

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Released in 2016, Oud After Dark is a fruity sweet fragrance by Amouroud that is provocative and sensual, ideal for nighttime wear in winter months. The top notes are sweet apricot, spicy black pepper, sensuous osmanthus, spicy-sweet dianthus, and bittersweet saffron. Middle heart notes are lush plum, romantic rose, leather-like suede, nutty agarwood (oud), and olibanum (frankincense). The base is rich tobacco, dark ebony tree, sensual musk, cozy vanilla, and warm amber.



Top Notes:
Apricot, Black Pepper, Osmathus, Dianthus, Saffron
Heart Notes:
Plum, Rose, Suede, Oud, Olibanum
Base Notes:
Tobacco, Ebony, Musk, Vanilla, Amber

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