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John Varvatos

Oud (Free Worldwide Delivery)

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Oud, also known as agarwood and often referred to as the "liquid gold" is a highly prized element in the world of perfumes, known for its sweet and pungent aroma that derives from tree resin. John Varvatos Oud takes that concept to a new level, using top notes of spicy nutmeg, earthy cyprus and sweet tobacco to create an exotic and masculine presentation. This impression fades into the heart notes of a spice market with the scents of clove and cardamom mixing with just a hint of intoxicating Turkish rose and jasmine for a sensual appeal. The fragrance leaves behind the warm intrigue of amber, incense, myrrh and crisp Lebanese cedar wood


Top Notes:
Nutmeg, Cyprus, Tobacco
Heart Notes:
Clove, Cardamom, Turkish Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes:
Amber, Incense, Myrrh, Cedar Wood

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