Live In Colors
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Live In Colors

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It’s vibrant and playful, with an emphasis on fruits that gives it a tropical feel without overwhelming the senses. The top notes are all about citrus with the scents of tangy, bitter, tart grapefruit and sour, bright, astringent lemon. The clean, darkly sweet aroma of red fruits serves to balance out the top notes, creating an intriguing mixture of sweet and sour. The middle notes move into spice and floral with the sharp, vanilla-esque, slightly earthy ginger and rosy, powdery pink pepper. The base notes lend the fragrance depth with warm, resinous amber; raw, animalistic musk; and lemony, evergreen hinoki wood.


Top Notes:
Grapefruit, Lemon, Red Fruits
Heart Notes:
Ginger, Pink Pepper
Base Notes:
Musk, Amber, Hinoki Wood

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