Just Before
The House Of Oud

Just Before

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Spicy-sweet and alluring, The House of Oud Just Before is a captivating woody oriental fragrance that mingles bright tones of citrus with warm amber and balsam. The opening is tart-sweet and enticing with fruity-aromatic notes of bergamot and lemon zest softened with intimate nuances of saffron. A vibrant accord of palo santo emerges at the heart, effusive with facets of pine, mint and sweet, woody citrus. Creamy tones of myrrh and ylang ylang beautifully harmonize the brightness of the introduction, followed by a warm, sensuous finish of deep vanilla, amber, benzoin and sandalwood.


Top Notes:
Bergamot Lemon Zest, Saffron
Heart Notes:
Palo Santo, Myrrh, Ylang--Ylang
Base Notes:
Vanilla, Amber, Benzoin, Sandalwood.

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