Dubai Amber
Bond no 9

Dubai Amber

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Bond No. 9 Dubai Amber is a beautifully layered fragrance with a warm, inviting appeal. The perfume, released in 2016, is best experienced on cool autumn days or breezy summer nights. Delicious notes of bergamot and raspberry begin the composition with a sweet infusion of juice. Rosy pink pepper and spicy saffron balance out the sugar. Seductive rose and jasmine lend the fragrance a romantic, sensual allure, intoxicating your nose with their rich, full aromas. Guaiac wood and Gurjan balsam add a creamy warmth. The scent journey ends with a smooth mix of cedar, vanilla, and amber. Wear this complex creation as a signature scent.


Top Notes:
Bergamot, Raspberry, Pink Pepper, Saffron
Heart Notes:
Jasmine, Rose, Guaiac Wood, Gurjan Balsam
Base Notes:
Cedar, Vanilla, Amber

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