The Different Company, Aurore Nomade, Jousset Parfums
The Different Company, Aurore Nomade, Jousset Parfums
The Different Company

Aurore Nomade

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An ode to the joy of living that celebrates the pleasures of the senses and the search for perfect olfactory beauty.

Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour lets us in on a well kept secret: an exotic floral bouquet and a delicate wave of light that seems to come from the end of the world.

We find ourselves on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. It is early morning. The first light of the rising sun illuminates a heavenly landscape and the sand is already warm. Nature gives forth her delicious and complex fragrance as the sun continues its inexorable rise into the bright blue sky.

This is the place where we find Aurore Nomade, a profound, sunny and floral fragrance.

The first sensation takes us far away, almost to the edge of the world, with exotic, fruity notes and a hint of ambergris.

The fragrance quickly develops its floral character and depth. Ylang-Ylang leads us in a miraculous way to a heart of floral notes that are sunny, woody and almost balmy. Ambergris and spices give the fragrance its density, while the deep marine notes reinforce the sunny tones of the ylang-ylang.

Finally, the white notes turn return with animalistic, sunny, warm and mineral nuances. This is the magic of the "indole", a molecule that comes from white flowers such as jasmine and orange blossom.


Top Notes:
Carambola, Marine Notes, Nutmeg, Rum, Davana, Banana
Heart Notes:
Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, Clove, Frangipani, Floral Notes
Base Notes:
Immortelle, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Vanilla, Musk

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