Montale, Aoud Damascus, Jousset Parfums
Montale, Aoud Damascus, Jousset Parfums


Aoud Damascus

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Montale Aoud Damascus is a union of classical Arabian scents and the exotic rose of Damascus. Notes include olibanum, safflower, agarwood, gurjan balsam and of course rose. The dry warmth of oud combined with the richness of rose creates an effect unlike any other. Far from a traditional floral fragrance, the creamy opening is enhanced by the charms of incense and unusual flower tones. It's a perfect choice for a sophisticated evening out. This blend was created as a unisex fragrance, so men can also enjoy its dignified qualities.



Top Notes:
Olibanum, Safflower
Heart Notes:
Oud, Gurjan Balsam
Base Notes: