Arabian Oud, Adore, Jousset Parfums
Arabian Oud, Adore, Jousset Parfums
Arabian Oud, Adore, Jousset Parfums

Arabian Oud


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Imagine running out of coffee when you wake up...aaargh no please. Getting "adore", is getting the essential for your day. We found a crazy mix of freshness and heat to completely awaken your senses. Try it, you will finally find what you are looking for and you will adore it.


Top Notes:
Almonds, Coffee, Bergamot, Lemon
Heart Notes:
Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Orange Flower
Base Notes:
Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Tonka

Jousset's RATING

Holding on skin: 8/10
More than 18 hours, Musk and Amber stick very well
Holding on fabrics: 8/10
Easily 24 hours, depending where you spray it
Rareness: 9/10
Fresh on the market, you will not find it in Switzerland
Application: 8/10
Spray is easy to use
Sillage: 9/10
Top notes are very strong
Value: 10/10
Very cheap for eau de parfum, around 69CHF for 50ml
Fragrance familly:

Total rating: 8.7/10


What if I don't like Adore?
Return it back to us, so you will get 100% refunded.

Really?? So I can order it right now and try it for free?
Yes! we told you "experience absolute satisfaction".

Can I order another product to compare which one is better?
Yes! send us back the one you don't like or both if not fully satisfied. Keep them if you feel satisfied.

Last time I've ordered you have added some gifts in my package, should I send them back to you if I send back the order?
A gift is a gift, keep all samples and goodies we add, just send us back the perfume.