Your Privileges

Being our client brings you a lot of advantages:

- Delivery:
Once your order has been placed, the delivery time is a maximum of 48 hours. And this at no additional cost.

- Quality:
In our shop you will find eau de parfums, concentrated oils and perfumes. We only focus on long-lasting quality products.

- Promotions:
Discounts, offers, gifts, etc. A selection of advantages is offered as often as possible. To be sure not to miss a single one, we recommand you to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter.

- Try before you buy:
Don't you like your spray perfume? No problem, send us back your package, exchange it for another perfume or get a full refund. See the "Experience Absolute Satisfaction" page on this subject.

- Product gallery:
You will find a fresh selection of fragrances that are difficult to find in Switzerland, or Europe. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter to be informed as soon as possible.

- Security:
The reception of your order will be possible against signature, we do not want to put you in an uncomfortable position and avoid by any means that your product ends up in your mailbox in sight of the neighbours.

- Payment facilities:
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. No cards? Pay by TWINT or Apple Pay.

- Altruism:
A part of our profits is donated to a Swiss non-profit charity. We invest in sending food parcels and gifts to orphans to several countries. You will find more information and reports on this subject in our blog article.

- Avant-gardism:
You will have access to a selection of pre-order perfumes, so that you can experience new emotions before these products even reach the Middle East market. All products in this collection are cheaper before the release date. Visit our pre-order collection.

- Co² emissions:
The path of perfumes from the United Arab Emirates to our warehouse in Switzerland is the most ecological way to reduce CO2 emissions, we are banishing fast and cheap delivery companies that do not take care of this important point. From our stocks to your home, we have opted for the "Pro Clima" service in order to participate in this continuity until the end.

- Prices:
Middle Eastern brands are not as much involved in marketing, which allows you to have a much more interesting price-quality ratio than Western brands who spend a lot of money on this topic.

- Passion:
Once you place your order, allow us a few minutes to prepare your package, we will double check the material condition of your order first, then we attach samples so that you can compare your choice with other available products.

- Accessible and humane:
You have the opportunity to interact with us on Instagram at any time, you can also ask us for advice and share your passion with us on WhatsApp.

Many other benefits that you will discover as you go along, this is just a summary of why our customers choose us. Experience it yourself, your new adventures are just a few clicks away.

Thank you for reading this article, we look forward to hearing from you!
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