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My relation to perfumes:

Lets talk about me and what I have done to assure you'll get long lasting and premium fragrance that gives you self-confidence and joy in every scenarios of your life.

Since I was a child, I had been passionate about perfumes and smells. Isn't that the most concrete way to take a memory to your brain? Imagine your beloved ones, sure you'll find olfactive memories, now imagine your siblings, sure you'll find their reassuring smell. If you don't get it, let's remember the odor of your tanned skin gently burning when you was in holidays. Now you got it! I still remember understanding that my parents used to go for a date in the evening, just by smelling the luxurious scents of their perfumes. An essential piece of jewelry that means a lot.

Smelling a perfume that I’ve wore 3 years ago takes me back to the exactly same place, I can still see the colors and hear the sounds that surrounded me. It's not magic, it's your brain under serotonin. Perfumes naturally gives you joy.


My love story:

As I grew up, I was attracted directly to eau de parfums and perfumes oils, banishing a little bit eau de toilette whose longevity is often to be blamed. During a sightseeing tour abroad, I found myself in a perfume shop, nose to nose with Penhaligon's Halfeti, and I fell in love with its components. Then I bought a collection of oriental perfumes, scents of musk, amber and oud that makes me going mad.


The conflicts I've been through:

Looking to expand my collection here back in Switzerland, I had a lot of difficulty: an unknown range wich is not or rarely available in European stores, complicated or inaccepted delivery methods to the rest of the world. When it's possible, you get huge shipping costs, exorbitant customs fees and only local credit cards are accepted to buy in their store. After definitivly forcing myself to fight to buy these precious perfumes, I've faced the ultimate conflict... what if I didn't like it? What if it doesn't match with my skin?


My decisions:

So I decided to spread my passion around me, which made a lot of followers. I travelled abroad again to try as many fragrances as possible, for men, for women, in any price categories, and by as many brands I could find. I've finally brought back a selection with me, these treasures were sold out in no time.

While having management responsabilities for a few years at work, I took advantage of my free time to learn the subtle notions of perfume accords, biology, manufacturing methods and many other skills related to my passion. I've studied marketing of Western brands to understand the price they charge for their eau de toilette, which is low in pure fragrances. Trust me, their marketing is a big deal. In short, I have developed my knowledge and experience on all topics related to perfumery.


My actions:

Sensitive to live from my passion, at 31 years old I became independent and embarked on this dream of sharing, emotions and olfactory travel. Today I have set up a platform in Switzerland allowing you to have direct access to these rare fragrances all in eau de parfum version. We source large quantities directly from our reliable collaborator abroad so the prices are friendly. Fact is that Middle-Eastern marketing is not so picky, so you'll benefit of a better price-quality ratio.


My solutions:

When you decide to order from us, you are not obligated to use a credit card, you can pay by twint if it's more comfortable for you, also, each package is checked and repacked a second time by us, we prepare a little something to make you smile even before you'll find the perfume box because we do it with passion.

Your goods arrives in a safe place thanks to the signature reception, without additional costs, no postage fees, no customs fees. Within 48 hours after validating your basket, the journey of your perfumes from our stocks here in Switzerland to your home is done by having contributed to reduce emissions of Co2 thanks to "ProClima" service we add.

Skip the "ultimate conflict" phase: in your treasure chest you will find a sample of the same perfume so that you can discover it on your skin, if you like it, keep it! If not, just send it back to us. As simple as this.

Everything is done to ensure that you can fully enjoy these fragrances straight from the middle-east, without taking the slightest risk and without complications.

Therefore, if the chosen product you like is in stock, go for it! Dare to dress in the most refined way possible. Enjoy remembering your best moments through exotic smells. Experience an odour that you do not know or that you only know in a form that is too ephemeral in European brands. Distinguish yourself in the simplest way possible.

After writing all these lines I feel almost naked, fortunately I wear perfume!

Thank you for your interest in this article. We look forward to pampering your next acquisition through Jousset Parfums.

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