About us

Welcome to Jousset Parfums

We took our first step towards becoming independent in Februar 2019 by opening our online Shop Jousset Parfums in Bern, Switzerland.

At the beginning our idea was to export exclusively selected niche perfumes from all over the world and make them available to perfume lovers in Europe. Thanks to our strong market presence, we were able to rapidly gain customers worldwide.

Thanks to years of experience in the industry and a close daily exchange with our customers, we know exactly which fragrances are trendy and desired. During this time our activities were not only limited to distribution, but we worked continuously on our own collection. It was always our goal to create our own fragrances.

Today we can proudly present our first collection line “les collections artisanales”. 4 different collections with 7 unique fragrances.

Our collections includes perfumes for both women and men and are distinguished by exceptional ingredients that have been chosen with great passion.

From the selection of the rare raw materials to the packaging of each bottle, every single perfume is carefully and passionately handmade by us! We do not use industrial machinery and we privileged natural ingredients.

We not only offer unique and high quality perfumes, we also take care of our customers individually. Write us an email or visit our Instagram page @joussetparfums to contact us. We look forward to your message.