The Different Company

With its founding in 2000, The Different Company set themselves very high goals. They wanted to be different and sustainably cultivate this “otherness”. The house was founded by none other than the perfume legend, Jean-Claude Ellena. However, as Jean-Claude became house perfumer at Hermès in 2004, his daughter Céline Ellena stepped into her father's footsteps and now runs the company. The renowned designer Thierry de Bachmakoff is responsible for the flacon unique flacon design.

In the manufacture of their perfumes, The Different Company categorically avoids the use of synthetic fragrances. Only natural ingredients are used for their creations and this in unusually high concentrations. Natural ingredients react differently on each skin, so the classical gender categories have been omitted.

The Different Company clearly bears the signature of Jean-Claude Ellena whose keynote is usually described as bright and transparent. The quality of The Different Company Collection certainly pays honor to its famous creator and the uniqueness of the fragrances have been proven time and time again.