Jousset Parfums

Les collections artisanales - Product description in a nutshell:

Aljana - Merveilleux Jardin: Irresistible and addictive sensual scent (women)
Aljana - Merveilleux Voyage: Provocating and juicy fragrance (women)
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Arabian - Another Hieroglyph: Deep egyptian scent that will make you time travel (unisex)
Arabian - Gourmand Bakhoor: Extremely oriental, gourmand notes and smoked incenses (unisex)
Arabian - Ramdan Night: Sweet oriental with a warm and deep synthetic oud (unisex)
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Oud - Memento Oud: A rare experience of the best loud oud scent in a perfume spray (unisex)
Oud - Oud Blanc: Fresh clean luxurious frangrance that ends with a blend of 3 different organic ouds (unisex)
Oud - Strange Black Oud: Rare organic oud in an infinite darkness (unisex/men)
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Plumage - Green Woods: Subtle mix of moisty and dry woods and herbs (unisex)
Plumage - Pink Saffron: Spicy fragrance that is really troubling by its composition (unisex)
Plumage - Velvet Ruby: Velvety and sharp scent that really smells like jewels (unisex/women)
Plumage - White Star: Our royal jasmine will excite your olfactory sense (unisex)
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We are launching the pre-order of our handmade perfumes. Please visit this page to see our products discounted for our pre-launching campaign! The price you'll see on this page are available untill 25.04.2020 hurry up! We will assure worldwide delivery for each item chosen during the pre order campaign and free delivery in Switzerland. Don't miss it!

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