"Everyone should benefit from what nature has to offer"

Welcome to this blog article.

A part of our profits is donated to a charity. We have no commercial links or partnerships with the association mentioned, but it goes without saying for Jousset Parfums that each investment is important and this one is the most important.

For proximity purposes we have chosen an organization located in Switzerland. Without taking religious or political sides, Jousset Parfums donates part of its profits to the NGO Islamic Relief Suisse.

We have found qualities at Islamic Relief Switzerland that correspond to our values. Such as versatility, professionalism, dedication, multiculturalism, neutrality, integrity and many other things that allow us to make donations, sometimes for food packages, sometimes for gifts to orphans and also to respond to emergencies.

In this page and for transparency purposes, we will try to add documents related to donations made and internal communications if there are any.

We are trying to find a way for everyone to benefit from what nature has to offer.

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